Long Champ

A home ready to be filled by a family of five relocating from Silicon Valley to Austin, this traditional home needed to be right at the ready for their arrival. As busy professionals, a ready home office was important to keep things moving. We were tapped to ensure that said study felt like a collaborative space and not just a stale, get-down-to-business only place. Bringing out the beautiful side of the dominant wood paneling, we played with the mix of classic versus new. Because both he and she share the space, we wanted to appeal to his masculine side, but not forget her very feminine one. The result is an enriched palette, filled with all the comforts one could need in a hard day’s work – inspiring artwork, large clean desk spaces, a well-stocked bar and a place to retreat and relax. In other words, a home study truly for the person, not just the work.

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