Manana Library

When you love something and you realize after years, you’ve inadvertently put that away, a good designer will help you bring that back out. That was Turnstyle’s responsibility here with this recent client project: bring back the joy of spending time in a home library.

This space is precious to me, because I’ve known it for all the many years I’ve been working on this home. It sits proudly in the center of the house, greeting people upon entry, and, in my opinion, was a jewel box ready to receive its shine.

Turnstyle Design_Manana Library_Sitting Area

Turnstyle Design_Manana Library_Bookcase_Close Up

Manana Library Remodel

We blew through a wall to allow it a more spacious entrance, helping anyone who visits to immediately see the stunning on-the-lake view. I applied custom wall to wall antique glass to each wall, floor to ceiling, to enhance the view, make the walls feel like they fall away, and also reflect all the now beautiful art and furniture pieces as part of its new design.

Influences from things gathered, stunning reworked furniture from the 1970s and all around functional hero items, allow for better working. The main push residing in really enabling quality time there. This space is open is now refreshing and full of beautiful objects and memorabilia.

An inspiring place to contemplate, one is surrounded, and influenced, by a strong, fully fleshed out space through my extensive love of pattern, color and unusual combinations.

Turnstyle Design_Manana Library_Gina Julian Art

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