Master Bathroom

As is often the case in the homes that I see, this bathroom was dark, run down and used more out of necessity than anything else. In much need of attention, I redesigned this space to be open and flooded with natural light.

Highly reflective surfaces, allow the eye to bounce around the room. A re-built, high end shower now feels like a spa with multiple controls at a user’s service. A sculptural bathtub, sets relaxation up for long lingering and highlights the lake side view. Automated, custom designed window treatments are remoted controlled for ease and vanities are wide and softly cheery to leave the mornings with lots of useable space.

We completely changed the footprint of this master bath, adding a water closet clad in a wonderful high gloss veneer. Giving the space richness through color, materials, texture and all of this glorious marble flooring and wall tiles, this space now makes you want to spend extra time getting ready.

Manana Master Closet

When you walk into your closet in the morning and do not feel your best, that is often because it isn’t an inviting or organized space. Big in my design philosophy is to create spaces that draw us in and make us feel like our best selves; always. This could not be truer for a well-though out master closet.

With big open floor space to give anyone plenty of room to think, we’ve redesigned this space with custom built out shelving in a strong contrasting black. Now anyone in it can truly see what they own and play with their wardrobe. Each area has a dedicated space for shoes, clothing and accessories.

Two custom ottomans add playfulness in connected colorways. A richly colored large area rug, adds dimension and anchors the space making you feel great on bare feet, while custom window treatments add to the imagination, elevating this space to the feel of more of a room.

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