With a focus on public spaces, we nearly all forget to prioritize our own personal space, which ends up being our bedrooms. For this project – a master bedroom, our client lovingly made it a priority, requesting that we help them feel great there. That should always be the goal of any space – period.

But for a master bed, good design adds tenderness to that feeling. By opening up the space and brightening it with a beautiful color palette of grays, linens, whites and blues, this room now feels calm and well-tended to.

Turnstyle Custom

A large upholstered king bed, keeps pace with the room’s proportions and provides comfort to any type of sleeper. Two pairs of large euro shams, allow for an endless array of comfortable positioning regardless of personal preference and a custom built in, keeps a television put away when not in use. Scaled to directionalize the room, the built in gathers favorite things and provides endless storage for blankets or extra clothing.

I added a broad set of French doors, to ensure ready access to the outside deck, which sits stunningly on the lake. Now bright and in tune with the architecture, the inside outside connection is beautifully highlighted. Custom window panels and shade, give this room its personality and play to my strong sense of color and pattern mixing and a low chaise, gives a reader another cozy place for a nap. Ultimately personalized to reflect a happy and relaxed space, this master bedroom is ready to make anyone feel really at home.

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