Mount Bonnell

A long overdue renovation was needed for this kitchen. Belonging to a chef, it was cramped, inefficient and difficult to work in. Turnstyle came in and opened up walls, bringing in much more natural light, improving flow and removing previous space constraints. With floor to ceiling glass tile in a gorgeous palette and herringbone pattern, we emphasized the extra-large pass-through we created, with now full view to the pool and what we turned into the now dining room. Custom cabinetry and counter tops, feel easy for kids to find their place and wallpaper adds whimsy surrounding a wonderful open pantry area – perfect for any chef to feel fully inspired.

Turnstyle Custom

Because designing a space to specifically fit your daily needs is where it matters most, we tended to this particular client who, as a chef, needs easy access to her ingredients. Our Turnstyle Custom design pays attention to detail, offering smart storage options and functional surfaces. An open pantry gives the homeowner full access to everything, and places all on stunning display, making it instantly easier to see what she can work with. This keeps her cooking creative and easy and ensures she remains inspired. To top it off, our Turnstyle Custom designed window treatments nicely finish out the environment, offering her and her family a spirited, striking, and inspired space to entice extended periods of cooking in a kitchen that is now her muse.

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