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Master Bedroom

In terms of remodels, master bedrooms are most often left for last. Given the relaxing nature of this type of space, we at Turnstyle wish to see more clients prioritize it – it does after all offer a place to retreat, rejuvenate, and start the day from.

Located on the second floor of a 1941 house, this bedroom was truly aching for attention. With many features original to the house, the space was in need of a big update and a much clearer sense of functionality. Turnstyle’s design for this room centered on creating thoughtful, functional, and clearly defined areas with a colorful vibrancy throughout.

Typical of Turnstyle Design’s irreverent love of hues, pattern and color were mixed and mingled for a playful, rich aesthetic. Interwoven with both modern and traditional accessories, our carefully chosen décor helps to update the home, add personality, and keep it true to its era roots. The result is a space that manages to be both relaxing and invigorating – the perfect place to start each day anew.

Turnstyle Custom

Starting with the ceiling, a wonderful gloss painted tongue and groove ceiling now adds instant polish. Wood painted ceilings provide any space immediate weight and quality, and in this case only galvanizes further the home’s architecture. The wall upon which the bed sits, now sings with an incredible marbleized wallpaper – something we also referenced in an alternate colorway in the his and hers walk-in closets. A beautiful painted fireplace keeps evenings cozy and warm with incredible original art on view and a gorgeous art deco referenced brass fire screen.

A reading area was created with a bright and sunny vintage upholstered armchair, where one can sit and recharge amid the natural light of the rooms many windows which are framed with black and white patterned remote-controlled Roman shades. Graphic prints throughout the space ad interest and personality. White lacquer night stands keep books near and organized, while matching wood his and hers tall-boy dressers provide lots of additional storage.

The en suite bath was also given an update, to tackle ease of use and make it feel more modern and inviting. With a black and white palette as its thread, it’s now more user friendly and better connects to the bedroom it supports.

Colorful Modern Turnstyle Design Master Bedroom

Colorful Modern Turnstyle Design Master Bedroom
Colorful Modern Turnstyle Design Master Bedroom

Colorful Modern Turnstyle Design Master Bedroom

Clean Modern Turnstyle Design Master Bathroom Bathroom
Clean Modern Turnstyle Design Master Closet

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