Rising Hills
Girls’ Bath

Kids quickly grow out of bathrooms and parents can easily find frustration when space is lacking and needs are rising. For this girls’ bath, we were tasked with finding more space within the existing footprint, carving out better flow and helping to keep everyone organized and on task for the next coming years. To do this, three things were key for me in how I approached the design: design custom pieces so they could specifically accommodate and maximize needs, use materials that immediately open up the space; thus giving it a larger feel, and upping the ante on luxe for longer term (and the occasion grown up guest’s) enjoyment.

I chose a specific combination of tiles to give the space a personal feel. Playfulness and openness go hand in hand with this palette, and materials stay fresh and young that way. Marble tile from floor to ceiling, helps ensure the spaces luxe quotient go way up, and gives the space long-term appeal. And when it comes to making a place for three growing girls, my aim was to inspire each of their personalities with touches like this fabulous flamingo pink tower – it skillfully encourages them to keep things organized and well-stored.

Overhead space is often forgotten. Key, therefore, was to creatively approach this slanted ceiling. This I did, by using these wonderful enamel mirrors in a favorite and typical Turnstyle, unusual juxtaposition. The wow moment that comes from them not only improves the space in feel, but also through the mirrors’ reflections, shows off each of the design’s details, highlighting the nature of my chosen materials. Terrazzo floors keep things easy to clean and the new walk in shower – created where there was previously a built in bath, leaves these girls feeling more organized and grown up. Clearly ready to tackle any day.

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