River Garden
Master Bedroom

When, as a designer, you have had the opportunity to work on a client’s home for some time, seeing each phase evolve is part of the very privilege of that process. Such is the case for this client project. With the home almost complete, it was finally time for us to tackle the master bedroom. This space, we felt had to be highly thoughtful, exceedingly comfortable and the place which gave back the most to the client on a very personal level. Because a master bedroom is a shelter of sorts, both a protector and igniter of the day, Turnstyle placed a specific touch to each item to ensure it resulted in a space of peaceful respite. And because of our mutual love for the Art Deco style, shared with the client, we sought to make reference to it, without overpowering the space with a theme.

Turnstyle Custom

Stunning gilt shagreen wallpaper covers the back wall upon which a wonderfully soft upholstered headboard rests. Large scaled custom mirrors, with a 1920s reference in their shape, flank the sleeping area. They are meant to expand the natural light of the room, while also allowing the striking bespoke light pendants to be further revealed. Custom designed side tables, serve as subtle nods to the same time period. With curved drawers that fan out as they open, they serve strong in function for bedside books and other end of the day needs.

At the foot of the bed sits two independently designed geometric-shaped upholstered benches, meant to make discarding a robe or putting on shoes a breeze, and both runners, custom designed in cow-hide out of a richly warm color palette, sit at the ready for tired bare feet to find their way to bed.

Turnstyle has long created its own materials in-house. Since we customize our projects quite specifically, this space was no different. We banded the walls with softly burnished brass inlay, to highlight not only the architecture, but to bring into full view, the city which stands at eye height, right outside of this room.

A reading nook is at the ready with a diagonal striped chaise longue and opposite plenty of books in this pagoda-style shelving. A band-tufted tub-chair finds itself adjacent to a 1930s antique vanity, whose splendid blond wood sets a continued warm tone to the room. Artwork abound, the intricate reverse glass paintings of a dynastic past, resonate well with the vintage pochoir silk fabric prints, providing color and whimsy abound. And above the bed sits a bold piece, ready to provoke thought and serenity as each day begins.

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