River Garden
Pool Room

How many of us have pass-through rooms that we don’t quite know what to do with? For this client’s home, a downstairs space was exactly that… until we gave it a purpose. Adjacent to the children’s bedrooms, it was lost and unused, and frankly, not all that inspiring. Frustrated with not knowing what to do with it, the client turned to Turnstyle Design to give it direction and a distinct personality. Since the game of pool was already a beloved on in the family, we gave the space immediate purpose and turned it into a downstairs activity living room of sorts, namely a pool room. Now folks have a reason to spend time there, bring their guests and lounge while having a playful time. During the school day, the space gets its other use, as it now doubles as a place for parents to have a seat in a beautiful armchair and engage with their children as they get ready. Or when on their own, anyone can comfortably sit in the chaise and read a book to enjoy the incredible outdoor view.

Each room in a home can – and should – have a dedicated purpose, otherwise one easily feels frustrated with superfluous (and often unused) space. Even a pass through room can have direction and further grant you the opportunity to enjoy an activity with friends and family, or entirely on one’s own!

Turnstyle Custom

With special touches like the gallery art wall filled with over-sized museum-grade photographic prints, this area has become a wonderful conversation starter to share discussion of personal artistic interests when entertaining. And storage and plenty of surface space with the art deco inspired, hand-painted side-board and shagreen cabinet, leave the usability factor high for setting out something nice – avoiding the need to pop upstairs each time food or drink is needed.

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