River Garden

Style is of course such an individual thing, but with this home, we were fortunate to have a homeowner truly interested in the sum of the parts. For this project, we placed emphasis on the things that have story-value and helped the client discover and fall in love with where things came from; their origin. This house was personally very representative of our company turnstyle, because it is attune to why I got in this business to begin with. My love for understanding the root of things and how all that is beautiful and functional comes from some classic notion or other, is one of my great loves. It is rare to find a client that shares that same enthusiasm to the nth degree. We loved being on this adventure with them. A Mesoamerican clay pot collection offers them something to grow as a family, allowing for the appreciation of age old techniques, but the modernity to stand the current day. An artist’s wall installation with each piece sculpted by hand, serves to express the tempo of the family who lives there. A nod to William Haines is present given the client’s interest in his legacy, and a very large scale painting, which is both tactile and tempting to daydream in this space with such wonderful views.

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