Art Studio

This space, solely dedicated to the creativity of the artist it was designed for, purposefully encourages interaction, ponderance and the limitless possibility of boundaries put asunder by our bold shapes and colors. With multiple custom-designed built-ins, the opportunities are endless.

Turnstyle Custom

Art rooms are meant to get dirty. They are meant to get used. They of course also serve to supply creativity in how they are experienced and lived in; and this was top of mind as we built this space. Our hand-painted floors exist to encourage even more paint spills. The more this artist can feel free in her space, the more she will develop in her own creativity. Haphazardly dropping paint as she goes, only adds to these painted floors, ensuring the floor, and her craft, will age well.

And since perspective is everything to an artist, we custom built a multitude of opportunities for this young lady to find places to think and ponder. A custom designed desk, work table and daybed, with loft overhead, mean that this room provides her many imaginative distinct points of view for lots of bold artistic creation.

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