We’re All In!

Turnstyle’s full service option is our most comprehensive choice. As with the majority of our projects, we handle all aspects of the design process from concept to implementation to reveal; giving you the most complete and stress-free result. We start you off with a phasing system ensuring this wonderful process is a palatable one.

Why Turnstyle?

Most of us go through a long and hard debate in our heads on whether we should engage someone’s help for our home. We understand. At Turnstyle, we love helping homeowners tell their stories, wholeheartedly believing that the process of designing / remodeling a home should always be an enjoyable one. We are here to help you through it.

What sets us apart from other designers is our very artistic, yet approachable methodology. A home should directly reflect the best of its inhabitants and function in a way that is entirely inspiring and comfortable. We push you out of your comfort zone into the unusual and unexpected, because we believe that’s where you’ll feel most at home.

What’s Turnstyle’s aesthetic?

Yours. We have a broad understanding of historical and modern design and we are here to interpret your style through our bold and unusual way of seeing things. Whether you prefer contemporary, vintage, traditional or anything in between, we are expert at translating what you love into something entirely unique.

How do we begin?

The first place we begin is always with an initial consultation. If you live locally, then this first meeting is in person, and preferably in the space(s) you wish to transform. This preliminary meeting is crucial in our eyes; not only does it allow us to understand how we may add value to your project, but it also enables us to determine if we are the right fit for one another. Namely, we see this process as a very personal one – a good partnership fit is essential.

Where in my home I should start?

That’s one of the first decisions we’ll help you make. As part of our initial consultation, we learn your needs, walk-through your space and provide direct input to help you narrow down and prioritize what makes the most sense for your family and the value of your home. From this we flesh out a plan to move us into the design concept phase.

What is a design concept?

A design concept is a specifically tailored plan that encompasses all the necessary ingredients for us to realize your project. Serving as a map if you will, this building block helps you see what we envision, and serves as our mutual guide to complete your project. As a direct visual demonstration of what we plan to do, concepts include such things as fabric swatches, hardware and finish samples, renderings, space planning, custom designs and all cost estimates for labor and materials.

How long does this take?

Typically the development of a design concept takes about 3-4 weeks, dependent on the scope of your project.

How do you charge?

Turnstyle’s initial consultations and design concepts are charged at a flat fee, regardless of time spent. From this point on, implementation transitions to an hourly rate. All product and labor estimates are provided to you at the time of our design concept presentation, and a retainer is required in advance of all project purchases.

What does full service mean?

Full service means that we take care of everything for you, A to Z. We bring long, well-established relationships with our contractors and workrooms ensuring quality throughout. We think of everything. Down to the finest detail, it is our priority to think through how a space lives, feels and functions. While all projects flow through our Lead Creative and Founder Lieve Saether, your project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager that will serve as your main point of contact for everyday guidance.

When do I see my new space?

Everyone loves a reveal, and we do too. What a marvelous thing you are doing by giving yourself this gift! We love to help you with that wonderful anticipation through the element of surprise. Even though you’ll see plenty of progress along the way, each project wraps up with a reveal day, set specifically for you to see the space fully complete down to the last touch.  Now you get to relax and your space is ready to live in.

Can you consult?

Absolutely. If you’re in the process of building a home, our direct consultation is a good fit for you. Turnstyle will work directly with your builder / architect to help implement the right foundation, ensuring a beautiful and functional home interior. As a team we make certain all plans and finish-out selections are most suited for your lifestyle and homes architecture. This is a get-it-right the first time service.

For full service design contact us.